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TALK THIS! is a weekly video game podcast begun in January 2017 where I serve as co-host, social media manager, audio editor, and blog writer. Episodes are released noon on Sundays and are split into main installments and bonus episodes called Side-Quests, alternating every week.

Main installments discuss two games: one old (more than 10 years) and one new (less than 2 years old). We discuss their content, their development, their reception, our experience with the game, and their significance on the gaming industry. Afterwards, we stretch our creative muscles and attempt to come up with a new concept for a game by mashing together elements from each.

Side-Quests change format periodically. The current format structures itself like a news report. We discuss what we've been playing the last few weeks, recent developments in the industry, and updates to our website, blog, and YouTube channel. We also allow ourselves to go off-topic for a short segment, and close it off with a relevant Question of the Fortnight.

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Highlighted Episodes

Episode 30

In this episode, Madelyn and Emma discuss Team Buddies and Splatoon 2 and marvel at how much Nintendo ripped off the classic PlayStation game that only possibly exists. Also featuring some really violent mashups, the famous Talk This! test for local co-op, and a disco that makes the tent bob up and down in the air.

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In this not-episode, Madelyn and Emma record from the same room into the same microphone! It's a once in a year kind of moment, people. Also featuring the minute differences between grunts, embarrassing procrastinating habits, and The Last of Us Cart Racing.

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Recent Episodes

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  • Side-Quest 73. Gotta Deliver 'Em All December 8, 2019
    In this not-episode, Madelyn and Emma go back through their last six weeks in video gaming and how much their game characters fell off high surfaces. Also featuring pink pants, accidentally marrying goddesses, and that leaked Re:Mind trailer.
  • Episode 76. Control over Steins Gate December 1, 2019
    In this episode, Madelyn and Emma discuss Steins;Gate and Control and try to avoid getting into the whole silly "what is a video game" discussion. Also featuring what's annoying about time travel, Odd Squad, and Gooigi.
  • Side-Quest 72. Yelling at Each Other on the Internet November 24, 2019
    In this not-episode, Madelyn and Emma talk about outrage culture and why it seems like everybody gets upset over everything on the internet. Also featuring being an informed consumer, ill-advised musicals, and, yeah, impeachment hearings.
  • Episode 75. Astral Halo November 17, 2019
    In this episode, Madelyn and Emma discuss Halo and Astral Chain and the benefits and drawbacks of console exclusives. Also featuring barking like a seal, the bane of silent protagonists, and Alexa laughing somewhere, somehow.
  • Side-Quest 71. Funnin' Around November 10, 2019
    In this not-episode, Madelyn and Emma talk about what makes a game fun and whether that even matters. Also featuring the importance of defining your terms, Inside Llewyn Davis, and this hip and happening thing called boredom.

Play This!

In Play This! we talk about moments in gaming where creators have taken full advantage of their medium- in other words, moments in games that shine because it happens in a game. We focus in on the way mechanics work within narratives to support or hinder the messages and themes of the story. We also discuss concepts that exist almost solely within the game medium such as silent protagonists and examine how games deal or don't deal with disconnect between "story" and "gameplay."

Episodes generally run 10-15 minutes long and are released on the last Thursday of each month.

Highlighted Installments